Friday, January 4, 2013

Clean Slow Cooker Meals: Beef Stew

I am going back to work in 4 weeks. I love being home raising my babies and supporting my husband, but I have too, and I miss my students, so I need to prepare some easy clean recipes for the slow cooker. Clean, organic ingredients and no cans of BPA added. 

Here is one that was a hit last night. You can pair it with a salad and it would feed a family of 4 for two days, 5 if you are nursing. Ha! 

If you have leftovers, freeze it in a pyrex container for a "fast food" meal night paired with a salad. This is how I make our "fast food" nights and save our grocery budget. 

This is a new series of posts, so keep checking back for more clean recipes, sign up for emails, or like the page "The Sprouted Family" on facebook.

Clean Organic Beef Stew
After about two hours of cooking... It smells yummy!

4 cups of Beef Bone Broth (You can use my beef broth recipe from Babies Bellies.)
2 leeks, halved, sliced and washed
2 1/2 pounds of grass-fed stew meat
4 minced cloves of garlic
3 potatoes sliced and peeled
1 cup of frozen or fresh peas
8 - 16 oz of mushrooms
Salt (Celtic Sea Salt) and Pepper to taste
Arrowroot (gluten free)


1. Place all ingredients in the slow cooker except peas. Place the potatoes on top so they don't turn to mush. If you have the time you can brown the meat, but I don't in the morning, so I didn't and it turned out great. 

2. Turn on low (8 hours).

3. Place the peas in the slow cooker 30 minutes before you eat.

4. Finally add a tablespoon of butter, a couple tablespoons of arrowroot (gluten free) to a bowl. Take some hot liquid from the crock pot (approx. a cup) and mix with the butter and arrowroot with a whisk. Add to the slow cooker to thicken the sauce. You can repeat this until you like the thickness of the sauce. 

5. Salt, Pepper, and Enjoy! 

My Bowl... YUM!

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